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poem-nesting April 2, 2015

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The nest is empty

and without the chicks holding them together

some birds fly in different directions.

Job done.

So sad,

for others find the absence of young

brings far more joy in one another

than they could find while struggling

to satisfy the demands of youth.

The empty nest is the next gentle chapter

where romance can thrive again,

when laughing songs of

swooping lovers twitter through

the afternoon air and soft whispers

fill the nights.



poem-rescue? September 3, 2014

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From over the hill

ten inch trout

between his bill

a gull flies toward the lake.


Unlikely rescue mission.





poem-coloured bird August 4, 2014

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You are a paper peacock

morphing into something new

lines blurring blue

sky, scarlet, golden paint

make me fly.


A poetry prompt from



poem- bird song June 16, 2014

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From your hospital bed

you stare out the window

at the empty bird feeder

unaware that the chirping you hear

comes from your satellite radio.


poem- eviction May 28, 2014

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The ospreys

have reclaimed their

towering nesting boxes

evicting squatting

Canada Geese.

Their raptor eyes

study the horizon

and I wonder

if they raptured

over goose eggs.



A corollary to an earlier post:

One commenter was concerned about goslings hurting themselves falling out of the nesting platforms.  That was the least of their worries, apparently.


poem- duck! May 2, 2014

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The men blaze the trail

boldly go forward

willing to risk

to achieve the destination.

And so today

mallard male zips across the highway

boldly flapping, barely

missing the VW missile

travelling 100 km/hr.

Not so fortunate his lady friend

flapping five feet behind.


sometimes it is unwise

to blindly follow your mate.


disco bird June 6, 2013

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speckled iridescence

disco strutting along the highway,

bobbing to the beat.

I hear your music.

You make me wanna

♦ d a n c e ! ♦


Bird haiku May 19, 2011

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A violet bird sits
in her nest in the arbor,
filling sky with song


Congratulations Philip and Violet

just 10 more weeks ’til hatching!


Chickadee June 9, 2010

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From deep in the leaves
Chirps a hidden chickadee,
“Come find me me me.”


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