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poem- duck! May 2, 2014

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The men blaze the trail

boldly go forward

willing to risk

to achieve the destination.

And so today

mallard male zips across the highway

boldly flapping, barely

missing the VW missile

travelling 100 km/hr.

Not so fortunate his lady friend

flapping five feet behind.


sometimes it is unwise

to blindly follow your mate.


26 Responses to “poem- duck!”

  1. Chess Says:

    A lesson worth teaching, bravo!!!

  2. Phen Weston Says:

    That is amazing! Yet, sad 😦

  3. Lorien Says:

    Amen! Ladies, do not blindly follow your mate. Humans, don’t blindly follow anyone!

  4. Rajiv Says:

    Yeah…. Applies to us all. Even to us men and the Alpha Men!

  5. nikibayard Says:

    ah, great 😉

  6. hassan2633 Says:


  7. Pretty clever. Peace.

  8. Rob McShane Says:

    A moral behind the poem! Nice one! Do hope the duck is okay…

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