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poem-winding January 6, 2017

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The vehicles wind along the highway

a immobile caterpillar

stalled by a moment

when the physics of motion, energy, and force

spun unfortunates into each other’s path

with a crash

that froze the goings

and made everyone in the long line

contemplate mortality.




The stretch of the TransCanada Highway between Sicamous and Salmon Arm is a frequent site of accidents.  I usually count on having to detour from work 3 times each winter.  Today was the third, and there are 2 months of winter left.  Our thoughts are with those who were involved in the accident, and medi-vacced out.


poem-sleepy June 19, 2016

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On the highway

blinking, road blurring,

I should be sleeping,

not driving.

I can’t walk to bed

from here.



poem-road trip July 31, 2015

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Oil checked

Tires checked

Rad fluid checked

Windshield washer fluid checked

Windows washed

Trunk packed

Tunes loaded

Seatbelts on






poem- danger November 20, 2013

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Stepping across the street

you are in danger.

Driving to the grocery store

is more dangerous than

flying across the country.

Why then,

does leaving the bonds of earth

and taking to sky or sea

seem like braving great




I’m not afraid of flying, but I still hold my breath during those take off and landings!  Off to another conference.  This will be my 5th one this calendar year!  I am learning about career education in BC.


Winter haikus November 25, 2010

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My feet crunch upon

fallen stars glinting under

the glowing street light.


Crystalline twinkles

entrance in the frosty air

with joyful promises.


Driving the highway

frozen lazers fire fury

forced blindness brings fear.



This is the story of my drive home from work this evening.  At 5:30 it is already dark.  As I walked into the parking lot, the snow was so beautiful as it twinkled in the overhead lights.  As I  drove, however, the snow filled the windshield.  It was possible to see only a little bit in front of the car.  A semi -truck roared past on the passing lane, and absolutely filled the air with snow so all the other vehicles were completely blind.  Driving in a dark snow storm is very scary.  You can barely see the road in front of you, and if you hit ice, you can easily be spinning into oncoming lanes.  So- in this series of haikus you see the transition between the picturesque and horrifying aspects of winter!


winter evening tanka November 21, 2010

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The road is frosted
with a sparkling coat of white.
Car lights twinkling
Slipping, sliding and spinning,
Sparkle camouflages ice.



(At this juncture, the car is off the road, and the driver is standing forlornly with arms crossed, hands tucked under arm pits, stomping his/her feet to keep warm while s/he waits for someone to push him out of the ditch…  Welcome to winter!)


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