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poem-sleepy June 19, 2016

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On the highway

blinking, road blurring,

I should be sleeping,

not driving.

I can’t walk to bed

from here.



2 Responses to “poem-sleepy”

  1. Find a friendly shoulder, and pull over.

    • That was my drive home yesterday from class. I was half way home when I was suddenly and overwhelmingly tired. I did consider pulling over, but the problem is that once I’m asleep, I’m out for the night, and I was only 30 minutes from home. I would not have been any more awake to finish the drive until this morning, and police don’t like folks sleeping on the side of the road or in pull outs! So, I put on the cold air and focused. I literally walked in the door, greeted the man and dog, climbed into bed and dropped immediately to sleep. I was asleep at 5:30 pm and slept until 7:30 this morning!

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