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poem- danger November 20, 2013

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Stepping across the street

you are in danger.

Driving to the grocery store

is more dangerous than

flying across the country.

Why then,

does leaving the bonds of earth

and taking to sky or sea

seem like braving great




I’m not afraid of flying, but I still hold my breath during those take off and landings!  Off to another conference.  This will be my 5th one this calendar year!  I am learning about career education in BC.


poem- some stand still September 15, 2013

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Along the journey

friends beside

we listen






As paths diverge

and rejoin

we grieve the lost

or greet new found

companions on the trek.

At times, we find a plateau

spread before us

and some stand still

admiring the view

choosing to settle

in the pleasant spot

But others walk on,

climbing hills,

exploring unimagined places,

pausing to watch a while at each

before reaching

for their hiking pole

and striding on.

Some walk forever, and see the world

and some stand still.


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