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poem-road June 23, 2019

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Win win you think

and she knows your thoughts,

that you don’t imagine

hers differ.

They do.

She wants you, coming and going.

Sit beside for both parts of the journey,

find moments of connection

have those conversations

that are skipped in the day to day.

Those too rare times when you’re together

with nothing to do but hear each other.

She wants words and laughter and plans.

You leave early.  A note on the counter:

meet you there.

She puts her foot on the gas pedal

and travels lonely,

as usual.


or lose?



2 Responses to “poem-road”

  1. Valerie Dawn Says:

    Love your poems! They speak to the heart! No pretences! Thank you for sharing yourself! Even if I don’t experience what you have, they’re a part of me as a woman who resonates and sends you love.

  2. Shawn, this poem speaks volumes about couples who come and go, but their relationship is filled with little interaction.

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