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poem- limited visibility December 8, 2019

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The lake is there,

just over the hill. Our view is

stolen by lilacs.


View from our living room window. In the winter, we can see the lake. Just barely. Darn lilacs.


poem-there November 28, 2016

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In the early morning

the view is clear;

we can see for miles.

As day emerges,

clouds obscure our vision,

our perspective decreases.

Clarity before obscurity.

Peace before busyness.

One to hold the other at bay.


poem-journey May 1, 2016

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From my backyard swing

I see you on your journey

flying high above me.

What joy or sadness will you bring

in a public celebration

when you arrive at your destination?



View from the swing in my backyard.


poem-sun dreams August 20, 2015

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Out the smallest window

verdant velvet valleys glisten green,

fold under blue grey hills

beneath a sky without a touch of cloud.

Today dew settles on leaves and reflects

the illumination of heaven.


poem- serendipity September 1, 2013

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The scenic route was lovely

and when I attempted to return to the highway

I took a wrong turn and found myself

above it all.

Beautiful blue sky day

The lake vividly stretching before me.

I savour the view as a serendipitous

opportunity to slow down

and look around.

No hurry.




Kalamalka Lake.  Taken with my iPhone.

 Through the grass you can see the highway I was supposed to have been on.  

Instead, I ended up on a cul de sac of nice homes.

Kal Lake grass forefront


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