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poem-bellydancer day May 23, 2015

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This day

is tie-dyed velvet:

Sequined blue blinks below,

milk swirled turquoise above,

Bald Eagle arcs over

undulating sunburnt pink hills,

Red-tailed Hawk swoops above

evergreen shadows that

shimmy under shining sun.


poem- serendipity September 1, 2013

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The scenic route was lovely

and when I attempted to return to the highway

I took a wrong turn and found myself

above it all.

Beautiful blue sky day

The lake vividly stretching before me.

I savour the view as a serendipitous

opportunity to slow down

and look around.

No hurry.




Kalamalka Lake.  Taken with my iPhone.

 Through the grass you can see the highway I was supposed to have been on.  

Instead, I ended up on a cul de sac of nice homes.

Kal Lake grass forefront


Okanagan Mountain Fire evacuation, August 2003 August 9, 2011

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This was my second entry on the theme of fire for the Burnaby Writers Society poetry contest. One more month until winners are announced.  I played around with stanza parallelism here, sometimes using strict rhyme, sometimes consonance.  I had never seen this done before, so I was impressed with how well it worked.


Okanagan Mountain Fire evacuation, August 2003


A crimson hill glows above.
High from here, grey clouded skies
shower us in ghosts of pine needles
that dissolve at my touch
into powdered ashes,
while I load the van with memories.


Glisten, fill, flow out of,
My father’s grave, clouded eyes.
Cowering and aghast in pain, he huddles
and revolves as he’s nudged,
disempowered, ashen.
While I lead the man, his tremors ease.



This poem was linked to the Poetry Potluck on the theme of history and events.  If you are visiting from the potluck, please include a direct link to your poem in a comment below.  Thanks!  It makes it easier for all participants that way.



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