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poem- at last April 12, 2018

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At last

you are shedding the neutral grey and white,

wrapping yourself in a green gown,

sparkling with iridescent dew

tumbling like velvet

into a glassy pool

still ice cold,

quivering on the brink.

Hear the promise:

morning chorus, finches singing

their hopeful hearts to spring.


#haibun (I hope!) for #NaPoWriMo Day 12

I’ve never tried a haibun before.  I hope I’ve caught the sense of them.


poem-curled October 30, 2015

You are landscape:

hills curled around valleys,

shoulder arced over head

thighs a rounded panorama.

You are pushed up against darkness,

it puddles beneath your breasts,

but waken, beauty.

Light lingers  on your glistening skin;

dawn caresses your body,

an invitation to fall in love with day.



I’m admiring the art on my wall again.  This poem is written about this drawing:  How thankful I am for Elaine’s skills.  The artist in me greets the artist in thee! Namaste.


poem-bellydancer day May 23, 2015

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This day

is tie-dyed velvet:

Sequined blue blinks below,

milk swirled turquoise above,

Bald Eagle arcs over

undulating sunburnt pink hills,

Red-tailed Hawk swoops above

evergreen shadows that

shimmy under shining sun.


poem-curve March 13, 2015

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In the bedroom mirror

curves swerve

from shoulder to ankle

arcing circle

fertility curling her.

In the rearview mirror

an undulating landscape

curves swerve

from hills to plain,

clouds bubbling

with the fertile promise of rain.


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