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poem-curve March 13, 2015

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In the bedroom mirror

curves swerve

from shoulder to ankle

arcing circle

fertility curling her.

In the rearview mirror

an undulating landscape

curves swerve

from hills to plain,

clouds bubbling

with the fertile promise of rain.


17 Responses to “poem-curve”

  1. juan blea Says:

    ok, now THAT should be in Webster’s under “Way Sexy!”

  2. Cai Says:

    Using the “curves swerve” line to describe her body is a badass metaphor…or analogy. Not sure which applies best

  3. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Wonderful piece mrs bird, i bet your as beautiful, both inside and out as your youthful days…

  4. I love the juxtaposition of mirrors. Just beautiful!

  5. Symmetry is always a reason for reverence and appreciation.

  6. Chagall Says:

    🙂 Ha! regarding the rear-view mirror! And such a lush last line. —Chagall

  7. Jarrod C Says:

    This made me think of a mirror being on the ceiling of a bedroom. Hmmm! Great work Shawn!

  8. In regarding asymmetry, one is left to the imagination running wild- always a delicious prospect.

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