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poem- at last April 12, 2018

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At last

you are shedding the neutral grey and white,

wrapping yourself in a green gown,

sparkling with iridescent dew

tumbling like velvet

into a glassy pool

still ice cold,

quivering on the brink.

Hear the promise:

morning chorus, finches singing

their hopeful hearts to spring.


#haibun (I hope!) for #NaPoWriMo Day 12

I’ve never tried a haibun before.  I hope I’ve caught the sense of them.


9 Responses to “poem- at last”

  1. I’ll let Etta James sing for Spring!

  2. this put a little spring in my step 😉

  3. The iceman goeth, soon. We have one more frost headed our way, tonight, then Spring will finally have sprung. Looks like other haibuns I’ve seen, but I’m not exactly a Wordsworth or Shelly.

  4. […] poem- at last | Shawn L. Bird […]

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