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poem-curled October 30, 2015

You are landscape:

hills curled around valleys,

shoulder arced over head

thighs a rounded panorama.

You are pushed up against darkness,

it puddles beneath your breasts,

but waken, beauty.

Light lingers  on your glistening skin;

dawn caresses your body,

an invitation to fall in love with day.



I’m admiring the art on my wall again.  This poem is written about this drawing:  How thankful I am for Elaine’s skills.  The artist in me greets the artist in thee! Namaste.


poem-face May 25, 2014

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You wear

every trauma

in the lines of your face,

in your scarred cheek,

and absent teeth.

You wear

each bad decision

in your jaundiced sclera

in the milky irises.

You wear

laughter in the crinkles

around your eyes,

and dignity

in your smile.



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