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Poem- Stinky socks cinquains October 2, 2020

(These were fun demos written with my students as we worked through some poetry devices on “Poetry Friday-the Wednesday edition”)

Super stinky socks

So easily knee socks crease

Stinky socks stick to my shoes

They slurp when I pull them out.

But say! My socks still rock!


Socks are mittens for feet

Comfort like a warm fire in winter.

My wooly socks hug my feet

My silent shout of happiness

declares my stinky socks the finest perfume in the world.

I like my socks.

(Can you find assonance, alliteration, consonance, hyperbole internal rhyme, metaphor, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, personification, simile, and understatement?)






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poem- creak December 14, 2017

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Strung on a rack

Creaking wheel

pulls spine taut


“Sweet mercy!”

Greets pain






poem- there October 14, 2016

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I’m crafting a world

and living in it.

You’re part of the narrative,

if only,

you were there.


poem- Mom September 14, 2015

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Today is my mom’s 86th birthday, so I wrote her a poem:


My mother is a sewing machine

Stitching life together like a quilt.

She can make anything grow

as the needle whirs and punctures

Creating history.


poem- ugly cute June 12, 2015

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Baby birds

peeping in the road

calling for dinner–all mouths

few feathers

Watch for cats!


poem- palms March 29, 2015

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A moment of celebration

raise your hands, wave the palms

Palms together, clap your hands,

No palmistry to understand

when they raise you up

they’ll drop you down.

Get ready to sup and pray some.

Silver’s exchanged for a soul

just thirty little pieces.

The whole world pivots around

this moment of celebration,

before the coming devastation.

But after grief,

Relief. and




A little Palm Sunday poem for you.



poem- baby February 24, 2015

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That gummy smile

is worth more than anything

at the Academy Awards.


poem- journeys October 6, 2014

Like a stone on the beach

she picked him up,

and took him home.

He filled her with new life,

and they held companionable

hands, two became four.

Beneath the bubble,  

Poisons devoured him in relentless nibbles,

and the doctor said his only hope

was a healing journey

to a new way of life.

But toward,

is also away,

and children waved good-bye

to their skipping stone,

who crossed an ocean and

disappeared into time.



poem-kisses September 3, 2014

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Your  kisses

make me melt into



poem-voyeur September 2, 2014

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Voyeur at the glass

watching as I bathe;

crow on my skylight

peeking again.


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