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poem-rolling February 1, 2015

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I rolled into the room

delighted with engagement,



I rolled out of the room

on a high.

I rolled into the house

fell into my bed

and took fifteen hours

to recover from

intellectual curiosity.



Had my first big outing since I’ve been laid up with my broken ankle.  I was out 6 hours for medical appointment, grad school workshop, and transportation.  It was wonderful to talk to folks more erudite than my dogs, but apparently it was exhausting!  The ankle wasn’t thrilled, either.  I won’t be doing it again for a few weeks!



8 Responses to “poem-rolling”

  1. Oh do be careful not to overdo it again. My husband broke his leg in August and it still hasn’t recovered because he got an infection in it which put him in hospital for 3 weeks. It’s too tempting to try and get back to normal too quickly. Just give the dogs a chance ~ and enjoy the rest!

  2. If you can get hold of German chamomile, it will help the ankle heal.

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