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poem- missed August 25, 2018

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Your eyes glow

when you see me across the room.

It’s been a long time.

You’re still wearing your heart

on your arm.

Once again,

I feel appreciation for your admiration,

awkward it’s still unrequited.

Oh, the confusion of my youthful charms.

Thank you, for

reminding me

so sweetly

who I used to be.


6 Responses to “poem- missed”

  1. Chances are, he is right, and you still have it.

  2. Brian Says:

    I find myself thinking through similar scenarios tonight and this poem resonates. Excellent write! Brian

  3. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    sometimes your poems just really strike a chord with me. this one did and here is my response:


    It’s always the eyes
    I recognize first
    Seeing you in the crowd
    Smiling, happy
    Just like I remember

    I feel
    the glow of your affection

    A hundred ways to ask
    How is your life?

    Suddenly, again, I am the awkward girl
    Struggling to find the words

    I don’t understand this fear.
    Still here after all these years.

    We could have been perfect

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