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poem- cat woman May 26, 2014

She slashed him.


Pain scratched and yowled around his brain,

longing for palliation.

He saw compassion and affection in your eyes

wrapped his hands across your neck and

in the explosion of  agonized ecstasy,

you choked down his hurt.


She twitched her fingers.


With his backward gaze,

he saw anguish curling lithely behind your eyes.

You saw his pitying relief, even as his pain

purred so loudly in your head

it blocked the words

he should have said.




This one is for Amber


wishful thinking April 4, 2013

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I dream of easy affection

when I can celebrate you

without you analyzing my motives

and finding me lacking.

I dream of easy affection

when I can trust you

not to rip apart my offerings

with cruel and callous doubts.

I dream of easy affection

when you can happily accept

tthe best I had whether or not it

was good enough for you.

I dream of easy affection

but some days it seems

like my hopes bring me

a lot of pain

for nothing.



Sometimes it is so much easier to close up the heart, when you are constantly misunderstood, rejected, and ignored by those who should love and respect you. 


ridiculous love September 22, 2011

“It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.”

-Agatha Christie

This quote came through my newsfeed the other day, just as I was working on a scene in Grace Awakening Myth, when Grace is appearing quite ridiculous, and Ben is thinking how paralyzingly adorable she is to him.  If you’ve missed it, the third and fourth books of Grace Awakening tell the same story as the first and second, only from Ben’s point of view.  Because he is spending a lot of time in the mythical realm, it is quite a different story, and it explains a lot of the mysteries in Grace Awakening Dreams.

As you remember from Awakening Dreams, Grace spends a lot of time falling apart in front of Ben, while he smirks at her.  Those are the moments he is finding her particularly adorable.  This happens a lot in the first half of the book, of course.

I love those nerdy moments that happen in my household, that make me flood with affection for the nerdy people I love.

How about you?  Are you frequently stricken with affection as you observe the ridiculous in action?


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