Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem- cat woman May 26, 2014

She slashed him.


Pain scratched and yowled around his brain,

longing for palliation.

He saw compassion and affection in your eyes

wrapped his hands across your neck and

in the explosion of  agonized ecstasy,

you choked down his hurt.


She twitched her fingers.


With his backward gaze,

he saw anguish curling lithely behind your eyes.

You saw his pitying relief, even as his pain

purred so loudly in your head

it blocked the words

he should have said.




This one is for Amber


20 Responses to “poem- cat woman”

  1. Amber Says:

    WOOOWIEEE WOW WOW I APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH. THIS IS SO AMAZING. Wow you dont know how much that means to me hahaha i love it i love it

  2. indernik Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I just wanted to know one thing. What medium do you write these beautiful poems on? Do you go traditional way by writing these first in notebooks?? or Do you use different devices to write on whenever you get time??

    • Nope. I just open my WordPress blog and start typing. Generally I’ve been pondering the idea for a few hours and have a phrase or two in mind.

      Sometimes, I have nothing in mind at all, and when I type in the title “Poem- XXXX” I just see what falls off the fingers.

      Every month or two I copy and paste all the poems into a computer file.

      • indernik Says:

        Great. Even I do the same on my poetry blog, that is writing directly on the blog. And sometimes I feel I should go traditional way of paper and pen to see if it gives me different results.

      • I used to write poetry by hand, and if I’m doing something like a sonnet, where I want to mark the meter, I will still do it that way, but for a free verse, it is just simpler to do it right on the computer. I can type almost as quickly as I think; my pen is much slower, and that can be painful! 😉

      • indernik Says:

        Good to know that world is changing for good. I thought I was the only one who felt good by writing directly on blog 😉 Keep writing your beautiful verses 🙂

  3. I agree Shawn, free verse can simply be written directly to the WordPress dashboard. You just sit down at your computer and bleed! Pen and paper technique is more thoughtful that an impulsive need to do poetry, so I believe! 🙂

    • Well now, I wouldn’t say that I’m impulsive, or that I just bleed poetry. I may be writing on the computer, but it may take an hour (or several) for me to be satisfied with 4 lines. 😉

      I endeavour to produce finely crafted, concise poems that capture images and ideas.

      Pen and paper doesn’t make the process ‘more thoughtful’ it just makes it a bit slower.

  4. storydivamg Says:

    Beautiful one, Shawn. Great imagery.

  5. Love this poem! I was Cat Woman for Halloween 2011. Every so often I channel Eartha Kitt! My cats Sylvester & Weezer also approve this blog post!! LOL!! Rawrrr!!

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