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poem- ghosts November 9, 2014

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You were


letter by letter,

word by word,

phrase by phrase,

sentence by sentence,

paragraph by paragraph,

page by page,

chapter by chapter.

Now you are

merely a spectre

who peeks around corners

whispers at my ear

hums for my remembrance.

My only benediction

on the lost boy

from long ago

is the bittersweet smile

and the faraway glimmer

in my eyes.


8 Responses to “poem- ghosts”

  1. manishabnrj Says:

    How can you exorcise someone you love…You never can… maybe never want to.

    • Of course, you can.
      To add another metaphor, it involves celebrating the journey of life, and waving good-bye to those taking different roads, but that can be a good thing. Those backpacks can become painfully heavy if we don’t leave some things behind.

  2. doncarroll Says:

    certainly do like this one. last 6 lines pull me in.

  3. People grow- either upward, or onward.

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