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poem- alteration April 5, 2016

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Love is not love

if it alters when alteration finds

It is an ever fixed mark, said Shakespeare.

Constancy is a quality of mind

that removes sparks of fear.

Love is love

when the word can be relied

upon and expressions of affection

will be supplied, for

faithfulness in word and deed

is the essence of true love’s need.



3 Responses to “poem- alteration”

  1. Bedrock, not sand, most definitely.

  2. I so agree. I have a dialogue in my YA paranormal novel where a mother tells her daughter that when she’s older she’ll find out that love doesn’t always last forever, and the daughter retorts, “Jesus. Don’t you know that if love doesn’t last forever then it wasn’t really love in the first place? I don’t need to get any older to know that.”

    • Love is so many things. That first bloom of chemistry and passion may fade, but commitment, security, affection, trust, friendship, and companionship can grow to make ‘love’ remarkably deep and well-rounded.

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