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poem- alteration April 5, 2016

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Love is not love

if it alters when alteration finds

It is an ever fixed mark, said Shakespeare.

Constancy is a quality of mind

that removes sparks of fear.

Love is love

when the word can be relied

upon and expressions of affection

will be supplied, for

faithfulness in word and deed

is the essence of true love’s need.



birthday invocation February 22, 2012

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February 23rd is the birthday of Rotary. Paul Harris, was 37 when he gathered some professional connections and they formed the world’s first service club in Chicago in 1905.

Service is action in support of others.  A small action can make a difference.  It isn’t about glamour; it’s about need.  A toilet is a rather basic thing, but  the simple addition of  public toilets in down town Chicago in 1907 surely offered  the blissful relief of basic urgencies for many a person!

Let us remember that service is about meeting the  needs of others, and that when we serve those needs, we can provide blissful relief at the most basic level.  Let us be thankful we have the means and ability to change lives with our most simple service.

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