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poem-ulterior motives November 2, 2014

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They cluster about

like vampires,

smiling sycophants,

their eyes glowing

with delight,

basking in your presence.

Their good intentions

would suck you dry,

if you gave them half

a chance.




File under: Things I Learn from Watching the Greats in Action


poem- nerves July 3, 2014

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You sat beside me

I couldn’t find the gears

on this car I drive every day.

Your half drunk bottle of water

has become the  holy relic in a

 smile bestowing, mobile shrine

to your presence next

to me.


poem- knowing glances June 29, 2014

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Her eyes twinkling with  fervour

I introduced the devotee to the star of the evening.

Without preamble she leapt into analysis

of the opus, confusing words, likely erroneous.

The star gave me a glance with eyebrow raised

and I offered a half smile and shrug,

as graciously she said

“Oh, yes?” and turned to her next supplicant;

dismissing the devotee  withdrawing

on her delighted sighs.


poem- honey January 8, 2014


are ancient honey,

immutable in memory.


Floating on your laughter

I could touch stars.


The world was rose pink

with my yearning.


A sunrise through spectacles,

song rising on dawn,

desire enfolded in dream,

I wore innocence.


Your sweet kisses

colour my cheeks

in memory.


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