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poem- beautiful September 29, 2016

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Astonished eyes

Gushing mouths

They say, “You’re so beautiful.”

Compliments deserve courtesy

“Thank you.”

Warm smile.

Their words are bees,

around a flower.

Droning pleasantries.

You are the only one

who needs to say the line,

and you

do not.

What is beauty?

What fear lies beneath refusal

to see it?

What interpretation of honesty

forces you to decline

to observe it?


poem-universe May 21, 2016

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Practice is good he said

The words flow smoothly.

But what is the connection

to the universe?

These snapshots are all well and good,

but they need to rise above the situation

and comment upon it.


Speaking to the universe?

That’s a lot to ask of someone

who has trouble just getting up most mornings.



poem-learning November 29, 2015

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The journey brings learning.

What do you do?

How has it evolved this way?

What do you want to change?

Eyes open.

Ears open.

So much to learn from those

who’ve gone ahead.


poem- amazing? October 14, 2015

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When you said my outfits are always amazing

did you mean they cause great surprise?

or that they leave you in wonder

or that you find them astonishing?

I’m not sure it’s good that you think I dress

in ways that are astonishing, astounding,

surprising, stunning, staggering, shocking,

startling, stupefying, breathtaking;

awesome, awe-inspiring, sensational,

remarkable, spectacular, stupendous,

phenomenal, extraordinary, incredible,

unbelievable; mind-blowing, jaw-dropping;

or wondrous.

Was your comment verbal irony?

or have I tipped the scales into weirdness?

I’m sure I’m not really so startlingly impressive.

But if you truly think so,


I guess.




Someone I admire made this comment at an event, and while I took it as a compliment, I pondered that one can disguise true opinion in the flexibilities of English!  What is irony but a twist of meaning?  With thanks to the Google dictionary for this one.


poem-vampire August 25, 2015

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I hadn’t noticed before, but you’re a vampire.

You charm people, but when they get close to you

you suck the life out of them.

A succubus eating through relationships,

and now you’re clinging to that child

as a tool to make that old man stay

while you drain him, too.

I’m glad some of them got away.


poem-ulterior motives November 2, 2014

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They cluster about

like vampires,

smiling sycophants,

their eyes glowing

with delight,

basking in your presence.

Their good intentions

would suck you dry,

if you gave them half

a chance.




File under: Things I Learn from Watching the Greats in Action


poem- bird bouquet February 26, 2014

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Usually too territorial to rest together,

twenty Red winged blackbirds,

tremble upon the tips.  

One bush, in early spring,

a yellow, red and black bird bouquet.



Such a strange sight as I was driving home from Vernon last weekend!  And hey!  Red winged blackbirds are the first sign of spring!  YAY!



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