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poem- When I met his eyes November 4, 2022

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(Sometimes the breakdown of a relationship is not a surprise to folks watching from the outside).


When I met his eyes


I saw into the depths

saw his emptiness


He knew I knew

His fake jokes couldn’t mask

the pain he’d cause.

He looked away,

alarms his charms didn’t sway me.

I could see.

They believed

his false smile

piled on adoration

while he crafted

mutual ruination.


has strength beyond

will rebuild,

move along.


poem-vampire August 25, 2015

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I hadn’t noticed before, but you’re a vampire.

You charm people, but when they get close to you

you suck the life out of them.

A succubus eating through relationships,

and now you’re clinging to that child

as a tool to make that old man stay

while you drain him, too.

I’m glad some of them got away.


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