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poem-ulterior motives November 2, 2014

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They cluster about

like vampires,

smiling sycophants,

their eyes glowing

with delight,

basking in your presence.

Their good intentions

would suck you dry,

if you gave them half

a chance.




File under: Things I Learn from Watching the Greats in Action


14 Responses to “poem-ulterior motives”

  1. jflach2014 Says:

    Yes, a few of them have sucked me dry without me ever knowing they were there! Nice write!

  2. emmalmoore Says:

    Sounds like some people I’ve come across. Great poem.

  3. All the more reason to be suspicious of smiling faces.

  4. Phrosune Says:

    All of mine are human by day, but bare the fangs of Divine at night. But that special breed knows, perhaps loathes, occasionally feels as if without clothes…

  5. julzabee Says:

    Reblogged this on random rants from my crazy brain and commented:
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  6. This song says it all and why now that I’m older I have a very small circle of friends. I prefer to be a Solitary. I can easily spend days and weeks with just my cats and no humans.

    The Undisputed Truth – Smiling Faces Sometimes – 1971

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