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poem- sign May 22, 2014

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Out front the high school

Each morning,

A man stands,

Bearing above his head a

One word pronouncement.

Watching parents leaving

Their children,

Teachers driving in,

He tilts his sign to catch

All eyes.

Morning after morning:


Each day I ponder

His cryptic word.

Is it protest

or encouragement?

Prayer ?

for kids

   to be attentive?

   to do their homework?

   to embrace their learning opportunity?

   to have supportive homes?

Prayer for staff

   to be patient?

   to be available?

   to see what needs to be seen?

   to do what needs to be done?

It’s not such a terrible reminder,

for anyone,

whatever the motivation.


20 Responses to “poem- sign”

  1. Ronovan Says:

    I’m not only a Follower, I am now a Fan. Beautiful.

  2. Ronovan Says:

    Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    I really enjoy this lady’s work. And this particular one just hit a spot with me today. Read and Follow her. I imagine most of you do already.

  3. narble Says:

    Seems, to me, like a reminder. A non-sectarian equivalent might be: Gratitude.

  4. osomann Says:

    What an inspiring image you paint with words! Thank you

  5. Prayer
    Sounds to me like a one word blessing.
    I suppose it depends upon your worldview.
    Your prior experience.
    Your fears or worries.
    Your hopes and dreams.

    If it were me I might give him
    a thank-you card, hand written.
    Just to let him know
    someone has seen his sign
    and cares.

  6. Prayer is important at all times!

  7. Wow…. Simple yet stunning. I loved the poem….I am following your blog and thank you for following me too. Hope you enjoyed my poems too….hoping to read more of you in course of time.

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