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poem-tenaciousness March 11, 2016

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He walks with a personal cloud

dulling his world, blurring his perceptions.

Walling him in, between tendrils of fog

freezing him in place to avoid falling off the precipice.

Her arms are open with devotion and she calls to him,

but her voice bounces off rocks and mist.

Their mutual affections miss each other

in the haze, but both are sincere and will still be there

when the fog lifts

(or he goes over the cliff).



8 Responses to “poem-tenaciousness”

  1. thefeatheredsleep Says:

    You conjur emotions like a soothsayer Shawn♡ so very beautifully written♡

  2. So many types of fog, yet only one love. That sun will burn the fog away.

  3. magicpoet01 Says:

    Had to post on Poet Submission Group on FB & tell them about your site. + I owe you some books!

  4. A terrific write Shawn – Thank you…I shared it

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