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poem-tryst May 11, 2015

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He cries when you sees you,

low whimpers of delight.

His frailness is endearing

if it doesn’t keep you up at night.

He rubs his head against you

he murmurs adoration

When you scratch behind his ears

his tail waves in celebration.

His love is pure and when he looks

so deeply in your eyes

You know these daily trysts

will last until he dies.



(and if he’s as old as my boy is, that may not be as long as one would hope).



15 Responses to “poem-tryst”

  1. georgiakevin Says:

    Your poems are always delightful but this one has a special appeal for me as I have 9 dogs and 2 cats so I have a special fondness for poems and stories about dogs and cats.

    • Wow. That’s a lot of fur to vacuum out of the sofa! lol

      (My boy is a standard poodle, so he doesn’t shed, which is the only reason I can have a dog. I am seriously allergic to most creatures.)

      • georgiakevin Says:

        We live in the country without animal control so we became animal control,people drop off their dogs ya gotta love the south where there is a solution to everything…………… a weird solution to most things but a solution none the less!

      • I keep hearing strange stories from people in the South. Lots of laughter over the inefficient system and strange thinking, but no improvement in sight. Sounds like Southerners cherish their idiosyncrasies. 😉

      • georgiakevin Says:

        I believe we do, I will be starting a new blog soon about the ups and downs of living in the south so stay tuned please.

      • I look forward to seeing it!

  2. It is the closest thing to pure love.

  3. davidprosser Says:

    I hope in his time his passing will be quick and gentle, preferably in his sleep.
    xxx Huge Hugs Shawn xxx

  4. narble Says:

    The heart of a dog is a powerful thing. I know you cherish him.

  5. T.J. asked me to tell you that he thinks you are pretty cool. Also wants to know if you will send bacon bits. Or bologna. Or a can of that noisy whipped cream that goes pisssshhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttt….. He really likes whipped cream on his bacon bits, and giving it to him keeps me in his god-like approval status…. Deep down, I think he would feel that way regardless. Man, I’ve got him so fooled…. Sometimes I hide the whipped cream from him because I like it too…. But he always catches me eating it. Do you know why? Cuz it goes pisssshhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttt….. And then he’s all like, “Hey, what’s up man? You seriously not gonna share that?” And then I’m all like “Well, ok….” He loves me.

  6. mpmckibbon Says:

    This one brought a lump to my throat. Thanks Shawn.

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