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poem-lying September 21, 2014

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I wake

to feel you lying

stretched along

the length of me.

I reach out my hand

and find not flesh

but fur.

You have been replaced

by canine devotion.





This is an interesting example of ‘living poetry.’  People ask how I can come up with a poem every day, and I say I see them everywhere.  This morning, completely dazed with sleep, this happened, I muzzily composed this poem as I reflected on the surprise, and then fell back to sleep.  When I finally got up, there it was, ready to share.


18 Responses to “poem-lying”

  1. Macximu$ Says:

    damn, that’s cold haha, I like this

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    This morning my cup of tea
    was spilt by the enthusiasm
    of a small black dog
    writhing with joy
    at the touch of my hand…
    …well perhaps he’s not so small any more…

    Thanks Shawn. You’re right 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on challengesketchy and commented:
    “People ask how I can come up with a poem every day, and I say I see them everywhere.”

  4. aqilaqamar Says:

    I love it. It is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Megan Says:

    Daw. I love this. :3

  6. I get more Feline devotion and admiration however unlike my Man-Friend the cats do not snore! But it would be more fun to spend more time with him. One day! LOL!!

  7. Dai Verse Says:

    I compose poems in my sleep/semi-sleep too. Trouble is, when I wake-up they seem to evaporate & when I try to scribble them down, they just don’t ‘feel’ the same.

  8. Ginz Says:

    I resonate with this except rather than stretched along the length of me is usually more like wound around my feet in a ball of fluff! You guessed it – feline devotion! And there’s the wet nose that pokes in your face – that’s the canine bit although the devotion from me to her dies at that moment! lol! 🙂

  9. pvirant Says:

    Shawn, podunk poetry is restless around.
    I help not but birdy make sound.
    Silly, willy, nilly, billy
    high atop cold hilly.
    Good dog, not dead dog
    Lie like log.

    You inspired this. Thank you.

  10. pvirant Says:

    Sorry, it’s this….


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