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poem-prepared August 9, 2015

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Lord Baden-Powell had it right when he advised the Scouts to Be Prepared

especially in summer paradises, the drop in visitors are far from rare.

But while the public zones might meet pass inspection

the bedrooms require some interjection and disinfection

Explosions of laundry piled in the guest room

Slow motion quandry to solve in a hurry

Hang up the phone, fly into a flurry

Hang up the clothes; Come we must hurry!

In just twenty minutes make this space habitable

for twenty minutes we must be indefatigable!

Make up the beds. Whip round the vacuum,

then answer the door bell crooning, “Good afternoon!”


12 Responses to “poem-prepared”

  1. gilhooley52 Says:


  2. Is the place a B&B, or just popular with friends and family?

  3. Maureen Says:

    visitors are very good for me – they force me to get the housework done…

    • But ideally with 24 hours notice, as opposed to 24 minutes! Particularly when the house it is complete disarray!

      • Maureen Says:

        Definitely!! I had a friend who could turn on a meal at the drop of a hat, and was never phased by unexpected visitors. I’ve never managed to reach that exalted height.

      • Yes, I know a few ladies in my mother’s generation with that talent. Greet you with joy, whip up a pie and pot of tea, and make you feel appreciated for stopping in. lol I so lack these skills!

  4. Lorien Says:

    You must really love whomever that was, to welcome them with only 24 minutes notice. 😀 I get pretty stressed about visitors a few days in advance, when I come out of my dream, look around me at the reality of my house, and realize there is some major cleaning to be done if I want to give my visitors the impression that I don’t live in a pigsty. Great poem, and hats off to you for rolling up your sleeves and gettin’ it done.

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