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poem- voices September 8, 2016

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Down the hall


murmurs words of whispered


I can’t quite hear.

The house is supposed to be


so I stalk the sound

searching for chatty intruders

their sibilant sussurance

strangely assured for the late hour

and their uninvited status.

In the bathroom,

it comes clear:

the toilet’s talking

to itself.



poem- best laid plans September 2, 2016

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Anticipation building.

Preparations made.

At the back of the mind


Surely there will come disappointment

instead of you?


poem-prepared August 9, 2015

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Lord Baden-Powell had it right when he advised the Scouts to Be Prepared

especially in summer paradises, the drop in visitors are far from rare.

But while the public zones might meet pass inspection

the bedrooms require some interjection and disinfection

Explosions of laundry piled in the guest room

Slow motion quandry to solve in a hurry

Hang up the phone, fly into a flurry

Hang up the clothes; Come we must hurry!

In just twenty minutes make this space habitable

for twenty minutes we must be indefatigable!

Make up the beds. Whip round the vacuum,

then answer the door bell crooning, “Good afternoon!”


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