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poem-last day June 24, 2021

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Just wisps of clouds dot the periwinkle sky

Faint breeze dancing among the leaves

Grads gathering, twelve at a time.

Four guests only. Strictly enforced by the

Ministry of Health. Bring five. Grad ends.

The tents in case of rain

Lake and hills in view.

Pandemic grads to walk across the grass

This graduation has so many things new

but something old:

Hand-shake in gown and cap.

Farewell, all our best wishes go with you.


poem- Misty’s shoes June 3, 2017

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Misty’s shoes

attended graduation,

tramping up and down the stairs,

standing at the podium as

name after name was read

each biography

each list of scholarships.

Dancing  for young people,

leaping off into the unknown.

Misty’s shoes were there,

celebrating a roomful of potential

that Misty will never know.




A few years ago on eBay I purchased a pair of stunning black and white spectator pumps (Listen Up Harlow by John Fluevog).  While corresponding with the seller, I was told that they were her deceased sister’s shoes.  Misty had passed away from cystic fibrosis.  I was touched by the story, and wrote a character named after her into the novel I was writing at the time.  Misty loved shoes and dancing and her passions fueled her story line in Grace Awakening Myth.   (GA Myth is still in editing and revisions. Not sure that sub-plot will make the cut, actually).  Thinking about Misty while wearing her shoes at my school’s grad this week, I remembered young people I knew who passed away far too young.


poem-passing through June 1, 2017

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It’s passing through time

moving on time

gotta go time.

It’s we’re through here

all done here

wrapping up here.

It’s wear the gown time;

cross the stage time;

toss the cap time;

No more waiting!






poem-stop November 25, 2015

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This is a stop.

But only a brief one.

Long journeys



Elementary school.

Secondary school.

One bachelor’s degree.

Two bachelor’s degrees.

And finally school feels finished.

So we will celebrate as you don the cap and gown,

walk across a stage,

accept the diploma.

We’ll snap the photos and be glad

This is a stop in the educational journey

But soon it will be your own class room,

filled with your students,

and soon you’ll realize,

your education is just beginning.



poem- valley June 8, 2015

We’re nestled here between the hills

protected from the harsh winds

warm and basking by the lake.

But you are bored,

you’re ready to escape,

to see what lies beyond the valley

and so we wave farewell

knowing after adventure,

home calls the blood.


Carnival of Life June 5, 2015

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Our graduating students chose the theme of CARNIVAL! for their Graduation ceremony today.  I wrote a poem for the teacher they asked to be the special speaker.  Here it is:


A carnival is quite a bore if you are there alone

And surely melancholy could seep into your bones

But in the night, with all your friends

A carnival’s great fun, the spinning lights will mesmerize

The laughter never ends.

Cherish time together 

at this your graduation

Your memories and histories are worth the celebration.

You may live far apart as you journey through your lives

But always choose what’s positive

and you will choose to thrive.

For life can be a carnival, it’s fun and fearful, too

Remember Eagle River,

as we’ll fondly think of you.


Grad dad June 26, 2013

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Oh, loser dad,

squealing the tires of your

red convertible in

front of all the grads.

I’m sorry

you peaked in high school.

The revving of your engine

declares you

as a fool.

Faces turn, loser dad,

with pity on your son,

the grad.

May he go on to be

much better

than the man

he sees.




Ok, ok.  I know this one is harsh.  But seriously.  2-300 people in the courtyard, little kids moving through the parking lot, and this idiot is smoking his tires as he parks his car.  Really?  Common sense, man!


exam time June 19, 2013

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The sky drips

its soggy sorrow

on students

walking into exams.

They step

out of white hazes

in expectation

(or desperation).

The sky drips

on their satisfaction

of consummation

and their sighs

of celebration

for coming



graduation poem July 7, 2010

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I wrote this poem for my high school yearbook. 

I dedicate this blog entry to the class of 2010.

*    *    *    *    *

They tell me this is graduation
These people all around us
As we stand in these gowns
Faces and hair immaculate
Smiling outwardly at our
Relatives and friends
While our insides shake
In terror
I wonder if the others are all
Remembering back, like me,
To grade one, and leaving
Elementary school, and
Fly-ups, and award receptions?
They can’t fool me,
This isn’t a graduation,
This is another beginning.

SLD June 6, 1982

(c) S. L. Bird


grad 2010 June 29, 2010

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This year, I’m thinking that graduation is not only about beginnings, but that it is about victories. It’s about reaching the destination after a long journey.

It’s about many, many small victories. The smile from the secret crush. The pass on the exam you feared you’d fail. The lessons that stayed, the many that didn’t. The race you won, or just finished.  The voice you thought would be silenced.   The show that brought the house down. The dance that brought you close to ‘the one.’   The illness you battled.  The A you earned.

Graduation is about achieving something extra-ordinary- the long awaited goal. Standing in your cap and gown you are celebrating what you have attained.  It’s been a long road.

It’s scary though, because after every victory celebration there is the inevitable ‘What now?” For many, graduation is a milestone along a much longer educational journey. For others, this may be the end of formal education. Now what will you do?

Take the lessons you’ve learned forward with you. When you arrived at kindergarten for your first day thirteen years ago, you weren’t thinking about the day you’d graduate from high school, and yet here you are. You made it step by step and day by day. The rest of your life will unfold the same way.   Every decision brings you a step further along your path.

Best wishes to all the grads of 2010. May each step of your life journey lead you to contentment.  Be the best you, you can be!


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