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poem-passing through June 1, 2017

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It’s passing through time

moving on time

gotta go time.

It’s we’re through here

all done here

wrapping up here.

It’s wear the gown time;

cross the stage time;

toss the cap time;

No more waiting!






7 Responses to “poem-passing through”

  1. Life’s surrounded by Time.
    some have very few,some have so many!

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    Hard work pays off.

  3. Congratulations, grads and to you, Mrs. Bird, for another year well done.

    • Thank you! This year is significant, because not only do we have our high school graduation tonight, but next week is my own convocation for my graduate degree.

  4. Vinay Garg Says:

    AS i can see your hard-work is really paying off… nice blog and i always loved your writings your old follower keep doing the good work 🙂

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