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Grad dad June 26, 2013

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Oh, loser dad,

squealing the tires of your

red convertible in

front of all the grads.

I’m sorry

you peaked in high school.

The revving of your engine

declares you

as a fool.

Faces turn, loser dad,

with pity on your son,

the grad.

May he go on to be

much better

than the man

he sees.




Ok, ok.  I know this one is harsh.  But seriously.  2-300 people in the courtyard, little kids moving through the parking lot, and this idiot is smoking his tires as he parks his car.  Really?  Common sense, man!


daddy October 8, 2010

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For Friesens and Bhatias who are grieving the loss of their fathers this week.


I followed behind him on the beach.

He turned with a smile and opened his arms

for me to run into

and he swung me schrieking

high into the air,

catching my laughter on the way down.

I stood on his shoulders as he

launched me into the surf

squealing and splashing.

Then screaming and thrashing

as I gulped in salt water

and my feet desperately

saught security

until his hands reached down

and pulled me into the haven

of his embrace.


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