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exam time June 19, 2013

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The sky drips

its soggy sorrow

on students

walking into exams.

They step

out of white hazes

in expectation

(or desperation).

The sky drips

on their satisfaction

of consummation

and their sighs

of celebration

for coming



11 Responses to “exam time”

  1. tina5458 Says:

    Very well put. My son just got done with his college exams!

  2. I say desperation. 😉 Love this!

  3. Well said. The poem is lovely. Exams…not so much.

  4. yeoldefoole Says:

    this is lovely.
    btw – are you being impacted by the flooding I’m hearing about – or is that all occurring east of you?
    (just a little worried, that’s all!)

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      No, we’re not in the midst of flooding ourselves this year, though the water in rivers and creeks was VERY high a couple of weeks ago. The flooding in the news is East of us, either in the Kootenay region (one mountain range over) or in Alberta (a few mountain ranges over). I do have some school friends who are out of their houses in High River, doing roof rescues! They will have horrible clean ups as the water is up 3 or 4 feet in places.

      • yeoldefoole Says:

        Well, I’m glad to know you’re safe & dry! 3 or 4 feet! that’s going to be an awful mess!

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