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Poem- It’s NOT about the shoes? October 1, 2020

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sometimes it’s ALL about the shoes.

‘Cause daring to wear those shoes

is daring to celebrate your self

your passion

your individuality.

I wear wild and funky shoes

because it’s about me in the shoes

and what they tell everyone else.

It’s definitely about the shoes.

Believe it.



(and that is the whole premise behind the Nikki Knox stories! Check the link above if you love great shoes, too!)


poem-wording December 8, 2014

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She was told,

“You are a poet.”

She wrote,

“If only words could make it true.”

I laughed,

because of course,

only words


make it true.

Is there any other way

to make a poet?


poem-echo September 6, 2014

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These words

are echoes of all

the words you’ve said before

and they still

hurt my ears.


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