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poem- happiness is November 24, 2014

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Joy is

is happy feet,

creamy leather

ornate scrolls

and cryptic snippets of

soleful inspiration,

sliced off at the edges:

Be proud in the love you have been given

Ask why you’re doing it.

Your car drive fluevog

to be human

you go give thanks

your sole will direct

and p ills outwards the rest

Spills outward the rest

deeply funky let your life shine in dark

human is to be divine

style is grace

Yes, Sight is a Miracle.

Like the bag says,

“you can’t buy happiness,

but at least you can buy Fluevogs.”

and contemplate

cryptology in your sole.



The shoes are Fluevog Miracle Sight in cream.

The socks are over the knees from

They’re like a match made in heaven, aren’t they?


8 Responses to “poem- happiness is”

  1. I visited the Frankenstein monster shoe Fluevogs at the Brooklyn Museum last Thursday. Must be the Goth Fluevog shoes. Happiness can also be a warm puppy if you’re Charlie Brown and Snoopy or for me two warm cats.

    Love is:

  2. great . keep going…:)

  3. narble Says:

    Women and their shoes is a relationship that just makes me smile. My daughter’s nickname when she was younger was “Imelda.” She has done her best to educate me and I have slowly built an understanding and an affection for the females+shoes phenomenon.

  4. I’m one of those Nervous Neds who worry about the woman’s back, when I see someone in high heels.

    • They’re quite comfortable, particularly if one’s arches are in decline. 😉 The larger the shoe size, the lower the angle for the heel height, as well. For example, my foot is 24 cm long. A 9 cm heel will feel completely different on me than it will on someone with a 30 cm foot. You don’t see many US size 5s wearing 15 cm heels, since most of them only have feet 20 cm long. The physics isn’t workable!

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