Shawn L. Bird

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poem-with alacrity May 30, 2015

(for DG)  🙂

In whatever capacity

you deal with animousity,

develop a good strategy

to sort out dreaded calumny,

then avoid falling into laxity

and resolve it with alacrity!



Another poem dedicated (with tongue in cheek) to Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon.  The phrase ‘with alacrity’ appears frequently in Outlander, and whenever it does I shout enthusiastically “WITH ALACRITY!” and chuckle.  (Alacrity means haste, FYI).  It’s silly, but it is not much different than throwing boxes of KD at a Barenaked Ladies concert or toast during Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Neither of which I’ve done, unfortunately, so I have to settle with shouting to a book.  Kind of sad, really.)  😉


6 Responses to “poem-with alacrity”

  1. onewithclay Says:

    Is that how Animosity is spelled in Canada? 🙂

  2. Never rest on laurels, lest they develop mildew!

    • I was impressed in Italy (Venice, I think?) when we came upon a graduation party where one young man was wearing a laurel wreath around his head. I made some comment about it in Italian (“nice hat” or some such nonsense) and his apparently very proud female relation informed me that he had graduated with honours, so I congratulated her most heartily. It’s a shame I’ve forgotten all my Italian. When I remember these conversations I had when we were there, it quite astonishes me. I started memorizing vocab and phrases with an iPhone app in January, and by the time we were there in March I had 3000 words. We were there 3 weeks. A year later, I couldn’t remember anything. That’s some fast acting linguistic mildew, I’d say!

  3. mpmckibbon Says:

    Terry Brooks has a favourite adverb – “soundlessly” and whenever we read his books aloud to our children they would count the number of “soundlessly” in each chapter. I don’t know why an editor doesn’t rap his knuckles for the repetition. Other than that we love his books. I guess we all have our pet words. I must confess to having several but I’m trying to reform. 😀 P.S. I haven’t found any of your faves yet.

    • lol
      I’m writing a short story today, and as my own personal joke, I inserted “with dramatic alacrity”. 😉 I do have some faves but my editor makes me re-phrase them.

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