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poem-dotty February 4, 2016

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Star speckled sky,

orbs orbiting,

motes in the sun beams,

circles circling,

dots on the shoes.

The most beautiful things in the world are round,

so I will celebrate my celestial shape.


quote-happiness is within July 1, 2015

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“The kind of wrapping you come in has nothing to do with it. As quickly as you realize that, contentment and peace come—from the heart. Happiness is within you.”

~Charlotte Greenwood


poem-perception is reality May 9, 2015

Oh, I know the row you hoe

is dreary and full of woe!

or so you are inclined to think

but we are not defined by your narrow ink

We see you fear to be seen as less

You shout. you rave, you wave distress

It’s not about what we do, dear,

We are not the problem here.

We watch serene, your freak out scene.

We see your strengths, your skills, your care.

We know you’re kind and very fair.

You’re really great. Don’t be irate!

You perceive attacks where there are none.

There’s no one talking at your back.

You do not seek to clarify,

Oh, my, how you leap to conclusions

Each based simply on illusions.

I know perception makes reality

but I encourage you to find serenity

Ultimately, you can not be

great when you can’t see what true,

and when people are contentedly accepting you.


poem-doing March 11, 2015

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You are amazing.

You are worthy of love.

You are valuable.

You have something to offer.

What are you doing?


poem-tending roses March 3, 2014

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I should have

warned you about our bud.

She’s thorny

but she’s precious.

Touch her brusquely

and you’ll bleed from flesh

torn by her thorns. 

They are sharp, but they protect

a precious bud.

Some day, if we tend her well

she will blossom into a glorious rose,

for now she is a thorny stalk

with a tentative bud,

doubtful of blooming.

She will need to be coaxed,

but someday, her unique beauty

will amaze you.

She will show the world

talent, insight, and vision.

She’ll be a complexity of

colour, scent, tenacity.

For now, she is a thorny stalk,

but we have faith

the guarded bud

will bloom




poem- what are you saying? February 8, 2014

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The dress is tight

and youthful.

You beam, when people say

“You look great!”

But from a distance

they observe

the bulges from

the botched cosmetic surgery,

and the fake parts glued here and there.

They sigh how sad it is

that you feel you need to try so hard

to be a plastic doll

instead of you.

True beauty is not

about artificial expectations

it’s about being confident

as you are

and celebrating

that your uniqueness

is beautiful.


poem- self-fulfilling prophecies October 26, 2013

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At four hundred pounds

she filled every room

I am beautiful!

I am amazing!

I am entertaining!

I will help you succeed!

They didn’t question

her self-control

her ugly words

her petty cruelties

her avarice

They accepted every word

and made it true.


Nip and Tuck your self-esteem December 30, 2010

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Beauty — be not caused — It Is —
Chase it, and it ceases —
Chase it not, and it abides —

Overtake the Creases

In the Meadow — when the Wind
Runs his fingers thro’ it —
Deity will see to it
That You never do it –

-Emily Dickinson

Think about Michael Jackson and what are the first things that come to mind? Well, there’s all that great music, of course, but right up there is going to be ‘plastic surgery.’ When you talk about Michael’s plastic surgery, you’re not thinking, “Wow, he had surgery and he looked so great!” Nope. You think how attractive he was before he got onto the surgery cycle, and you wonder what he was thinking to have started in the first place.  Right?

Have you heard about friends or acquaintances who are considering cosmetic surgery, wrinkled your eyebrows and asked, “Why?” You don’t see anything wrong with the part that your friend obsesses about. You’re right. There isn’t anything really wrong, it’s all in the friend’s head. Time for you to tell her how beautiful she is just as she is. You’ll probably talk until you’re blue and all she’ll do is sigh and tell you how her (absolutely perfect) breasts are too small, or her (perfectly fine) belly is too thick, or her (completely normal) nose is too wide. Everyone else can see that the issue is not in the part, but in the artificial perception about that part.

Poor Michael, despite all his talent and riches, he had serious self-esteem issues relating to his physical appearance. Look at the final Michael and the young man back in the Off the Wall days, for example. He was a much nicer looking young man before all those surgeries. (Here’s a visual guide to the sad slide).   Jackson chased an idea of beauty and his beauty ceased.  He became freakish.   In most situations, cosmetic plastic surgery is not about improving real defects, it’s about fixing self-image issues, and those issues remain after the nips and tucks.

On the TV show Plastic Makes Perfect (a rhinoplasty episode), I heard about a study which showed that while self-image definitely goes up immediately after a cosmetic surgery, within a year, there is no difference any more.    The self-image is back to what it was prior to the surgery.  What happens then? Does the person remember that boost she felt after the last surgery, and so goes for another one, hoping to find that sense satisfaction?  If studies show that the satisfaction is only temporary, we see why so many people end up addicted to plastic surgery and end up looking worse and worse. They’re searching for a feeling that isn’t about what’s in their mirror, it’s about what’s inside their head.  They’re obsessing about someone else’s image of beauty, instead of embracing their own.  They’re chasing after beauty and they can’t catch it, because real beauty isn’t physical.

Artificial breasts, new noses, and fat suction aren’t the way to improve your life. If you think it will be improved by artificial changes, then you have a lot of work to do with your local psycho-therapist. The problem is deeper than the surface thing you want to believe will make a difference.  It simply will not. Your dissatisfaction isn’t really about your nose or breasts; it’s about what you believe about yourself. You need to accept and embrace that you are worthy of admiration and love just as you are. If you think you need to fix some physical attribute, you’re losing yourself to meet someone else’s mold, instead of being the better thing: the real you.

Learn to love and celebrate that very part of you that bothers you. (Yes, there’s a reason I wear a jewel in my nose). Self-acceptance is found in knowing yourself, not by being trimmed to someone else’s image of you (even your own artificial image). Your unique beauty is better than anything that a doctor can craft for you, because your beauty isn’t about physical features, it’s all about your self-confidence. How you wear your weight, your nose, or your breasts is what reflects your sense of self. People respond to that confidence. Believe in your beauty and celebrate it as it is. Be a real you, not a fake Barbie version of someone vaguely like you. Even if people smile and say, “Wow, you look great!” You should know that behind your back they’re thinking, “Wow. How sad that she has so little self-esteem that she needed to do that. Poor thing.” Be someone that they can admire for your obvious confident sense of who you are. Your beauty will overtake the creases, and remain forever.


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