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poem-straining March 16, 2016

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Face to face,

hands in hands,

She’s searching your eyes

for signs adoration,

for joy,

for love

for appreciation.

She is straining her ears to hear you say,

I love you.

You are beautiful.

You make me happy.

I’m so glad you’re mine.

And you say,

Are those black hairs coming out of your nose?

Is that because you’re old?




poem- what are you saying? February 8, 2014

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The dress is tight

and youthful.

You beam, when people say

“You look great!”

But from a distance

they observe

the bulges from

the botched cosmetic surgery,

and the fake parts glued here and there.

They sigh how sad it is

that you feel you need to try so hard

to be a plastic doll

instead of you.

True beauty is not

about artificial expectations

it’s about being confident

as you are

and celebrating

that your uniqueness

is beautiful.


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