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poem-doing March 11, 2015

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You are amazing.

You are worthy of love.

You are valuable.

You have something to offer.

What are you doing?


12 Responses to “poem-doing”

  1. Beautiful expression of a simple sentiment. I wish I truly felt this way myself…working on it…

  2. narble Says:

    Great question.

    • I am pondering that self-worth is one thing,
      but demonstrating it is another. It’s a bit of a paradox

      • narble Says:

        In my life, it no better illustrated than by reluctance to promote myself as a musician and writer. It just doesn’t feel right to me. The doing is what I’ve spent my life at. I suspect that reluctance is dumb, but it’s how I feel. A paradox, indeed.

      • Yes, I think there is something to forming a collective. Then you promote the others and they promote you.

  3. doncarroll Says:

    am I really seeing this….worthy of love….you are valuable….man I’ve been like… it takes a long time to get value sometimes….the hard way.but I think I can chuckle a bit.

  4. adam bujons Says:

    Nicely put, evocative.

  5. My value remains on the shelf, where the person to whom I offered it, placed it.

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