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poem-one rose February 14, 2016

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I remember

the busy university campus

where you bought a single rose for your new wife

to celebrate our first

Valentine’s Day.

And all the years that followed,

when I just got out my silk roses,

arranged them in a vase, and people

presumed they were from you

and that they were real.

I let you get the credit.

We’re cheap in our old age,

and resigned.



poem-tending roses March 3, 2014

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I should have

warned you about our bud.

She’s thorny

but she’s precious.

Touch her brusquely

and you’ll bleed from flesh

torn by her thorns. 

They are sharp, but they protect

a precious bud.

Some day, if we tend her well

she will blossom into a glorious rose,

for now she is a thorny stalk

with a tentative bud,

doubtful of blooming.

She will need to be coaxed,

but someday, her unique beauty

will amaze you.

She will show the world

talent, insight, and vision.

She’ll be a complexity of

colour, scent, tenacity.

For now, she is a thorny stalk,

but we have faith

the guarded bud

will bloom




poem- frost rose November 4, 2013

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On the frost bitten air

Comes the sweet scent

of summer roses.


poem- farewell rose October 9, 2013

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The leaves grow brown and fall

but between petals drenched with rain

blossoms still  smell of summer sweetness.


tend the rose December 12, 2011

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love at any age May 6, 2011

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I wrote last week that voting is an exercise in hope, but it’s certainly not the only one.  Here’s a couple who demonstrate a great deal of hope in the future.  I especially like the pastor’s theme, “You’re not done living ’til you’re dead.”



Congratulations Rose and Forrest. 

♥   ♥   

You were patient Forrest and you got a beautiful bride! 

Here’s a tune just for you:




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