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poem-ready January 23, 2016

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You’re ready to go,

bouncing on that bed,

tired of physio, doctors, bad food,

and a four bed room.

You want the quiet privacy of home

and worked hard to earn it.

You’re ready.


poem-Dusty July 16, 2014

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Little brown

Dusty dog

shadow at my


Your blind eyes no

longer help you  pick a ball out of the air

leaping four times your height

cookies tossed at your mouth

now bounce off your nose.

Your sore hips

aren’t stable enough

for you to beg

or dance

or roll over

any more.

But still you follow

whenever I leave the room

attached to my ankle

just to be beside me,

my little brown






When this little brown poodle pup came to live with us, his name was MacBeth.  As a family we debated whether to call him Dusty (after the Dusty Strings harps, since he’d be the only Dusty I could afford) or Shadow.  He became Dusty, but he was always Shadow.



love at any age May 6, 2011

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I wrote last week that voting is an exercise in hope, but it’s certainly not the only one.  Here’s a couple who demonstrate a great deal of hope in the future.  I especially like the pastor’s theme, “You’re not done living ’til you’re dead.”



Congratulations Rose and Forrest. 

♥   ♥   

You were patient Forrest and you got a beautiful bride! 

Here’s a tune just for you:




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