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poem- exasperation November 15, 2016

Your desperation

leads me to exasperation

How many times do I tell you?

How many times did I tell you?

How many times will I tell you?

Too many.

Once more.

If you do it when you’re asked

Begin when assigned the task

You will not be desperate

and I will not exasperate.


harping romance April 15, 2013

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The strings and the fingers

are smiling tentatively at each other,

recalling long ago acquaintance

but feeling shy with each other.

Once, fingers danced with strings

for hours, without a glance to

the books of lines and staffs that

were their matchmaker.

Then they were separated

and the comfortable rhythm

they once shared

slowly dissolved

into awkward tentativeness

on the rare occasions

when they came across one another.

Relationships take commitment,

after all.

Now they’ve been reintroduced.

The matchmaker pushes them together

and fingers hesitantly

caress the strings,

leave them vibrating,

longing for more.


harps 2002

It’s been far too long, but I’m finally back playing the harp.  So far I’m working on a great book, Rose in Winter, by harpist Sharon Thormahlen of Corvallis, Oregon.  Her original pieces are so pretty and fall easily on the fingers.  In this photo (circa 2002) is my Bresch Jubal harp (33 strings) behind and my double strung Brittany from Stoney End in front. (The Brittany is cherry, and has the most beautiful, shimmering grain and a tremendously loud voice for a wee harp!)


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