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poem- procrastination May 30, 2014

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I plainly do not wish to write

the essay I had planned tonight

Instead I filled the night with song

but at midnight I think that was wrong

No work to show for hours gone by

My eyes are sore, I’m prone to sigh

The essay will not write itself

The due day looms like Dante’s hell

I greatly fear procrastination

has thwarted my determination!

So wish me luck, just one day left

The due date rises like my stress!




I arranged a tune.  I made a video.  I did not work on my essay.  Plainly I’ve been absorbing too much from the teenagers all around me!  lol  Tomorrow is the last chance.  Wish me luck!


haiku- course work April 25, 2014

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This academic paper

is boring me to tears

Sorry, professor.




(my hashtag when I am fed up with citations).


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