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poem- procrastination May 30, 2014

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I plainly do not wish to write

the essay I had planned tonight

Instead I filled the night with song

but at midnight I think that was wrong

No work to show for hours gone by

My eyes are sore, I’m prone to sigh

The essay will not write itself

The due day looms like Dante’s hell

I greatly fear procrastination

has thwarted my determination!

So wish me luck, just one day left

The due date rises like my stress!




I arranged a tune.  I made a video.  I did not work on my essay.  Plainly I’ve been absorbing too much from the teenagers all around me!  lol  Tomorrow is the last chance.  Wish me luck!


40 Responses to “poem- procrastination”

  1. P.S.Clinen Says:

    Nice poem! Good luck with your essay

  2. ShethP Says:

    Good luck! I know how it feels when I need it badly, too. 😛

  3. Leonas Lines Says:

    Been there! Done that! 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  4. Good luck!! rooting for ya 🙂

  5. Ginz Says:

    Ooooo that resonates with me! Love the lines “I greatly fear procrastination has thwarted my determination!” There’s a few OU students, including myself, that know exactly how that works! lol! Good luck anyway – sometimes the last minute is the best minute! 😉

  6. kiwiskan Says:

    Good luck 🙂

  7. yeoldefoole Says:

    maybe not so bad a choice! 😉

  8. And yet on that Day when you’ve run
    the race, and when your life is done
    you’ll think of lazy days and sun
    and of last night and that song’s fun.

    Essays live but briefly here
    and haunt us pre-birth with a fear
    and dread of birthing them is near
    when all they are…pain in our rear!

    so lift up laughter as you write
    and scribble smart things, neat and tight
    and while you create, let your sight
    fix on that Day of vast Delight!

    (oooohhhh…doggerel is such sweet sorrow!!! LOLOLOL)


    Love, Charissa

  9. stevieboy56 Says:

    Hope you finished your essay in time. Deadlines can be hell but the flip side is that they force you to produce the goods!

  10. narble Says:

    Any time you fill the night with song is not wasted, it is blessed. And the odd thing is that the essay probably will write itself.

  11. toad2015 Says:

    O-Teach now the essay could write it self with a little help from you.

  12. […] poem- procrastination.   Can surely identify with this wave. Luck. […]

  13. You can do it! Deadlines usually light a fire under my hinder-parts!! Then my fingers get to tapping out whatever essays, poems or prose that needs to be done.

    • It felt like my efforts were completely fragmented, but when I added some headings, it was almost all there, so it took very little more effort. Thankfully!

  14. Rural Poet Says:

    The last time I had friends over for a jam-night we went until 1:30 in the morning. Music has a way of temporarily disengaging our common sense – thank goodness.

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