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poem-stacked January 10, 2016

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8 screws

6 boards

8 pins

wind, wind, wind, wind

wind, wind, wind, wind

push, push, push push

push, push, push, push

shelves stacked

and now book, book, book

Why did it take so long

to buy a book shelf, and clear these

stacks off the floor?



poem-invitation November 14, 2014

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Fifty times a day

she invites you

to connect.

“Honey, look at this!”

she says, forwarding an email.

“How was work?”

she asks, leaving her desk.

“Do you have ideas for dinner?”

she ponders in the kitchen.

Every time you grunt,

ignore her,

snarl, or shrug,

you are erasing what matters

most to you.

Every time you smile,

consider, give some time,

answer courteously, and

squeeze her warmly,

you’re drawing a

portrait of your happiness.



This poem is based on this article about an interesting study on relationships!


poem-window salvage August 20, 2014

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The iridescent cellophane

of dragonfly wings

would make excellent

windows in an

insect cathedral.

The colony queen

could sip nectar

from the jeweled flagon

of dragonfly body

and make a benediction

to beauty and sacrifice.



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