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poem-optimism April 30, 2016

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I bought a yoga block today

To help me do those trickier positions.

I have the yoga mat in a nice new case

at the top of the stairs.

I bought a couple of yoga CDs

and a stack of yoga magazines.

Occasionally I stretch my arms and think

first position of the sun salutation!

Someday, I going to turn on the CD

or go to a class

or take the block from its package.

I have faith in me.

I’ll do it.



10 Responses to “poem-optimism”

  1. dyahikhsanti Says:

    wow!! great.. i started doing yoga too couple weeks ago…

    • I don’t think I can legitimately say I’m actually ‘doing yoga.’ I’m more ‘admiring yoga paraphernalia’ in my living room.

      Good for you for taking that important step between intention and action!

  2. Rajiv Says:

    Ah!! Yoga! Torture!

  3. howardat58 Says:

    When writer’s block is in the way the yoga block can have its day.

  4. This will happen, in its time.

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