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Quote- Stephen King on hesitation December 22, 2013

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Quotes from Stephen King 11-22-63

 The scholars’ greatest weakness: calling hesitation research ( 282)

This is true for writers, too.  I have notes from a workshop by C. C. Humphreys about this.  The first book, you want to get everything researched, and you read and read, study and copy notes.  He says, quit researching, and get writing.  Get the first draft, then go back and focus your research to fix and fill.  If you don’t have a purpose to you research, it can go on forever.  If you are researching for something specific, you find and move on.


8 Responses to “Quote- Stephen King on hesitation”

  1. So true. It’s just procrastination.

  2. cronin detzz Says:

    But I love research! Research always leads me to new ideas. I can see how a writer can stall himself with it, though.

  3. sue marquis bishop Says:

    So true.

  4. […] Quote- Stephen King on hesitation. […]

  5. laurie27wsmith Says:

    Good idea, it can be easy to get caught up in the research.

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