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poem- shovelling June 29, 2015

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Oh sir, your manure pile is deep!

Dung beetles are digging, they scurry and creep.

Oh sir, please stop expecting that we’re venerating

the stench that you’re generating!

Bombousity and pompousity do not disguise

what is wise, you realize?  The stench will rise

in quivering waves to the skies!

While you quip and you gloat, we see that the source

is not sheep, goat or horse; the muck’s clearly emenating

from your posterior aspect, and while some might declare

that’s your superior asset, I’m estimating the affair could use

less regulating and speculating so I’m delegating!

I’m calling the villagers, we’re gathering shovels

Enough with this sir!  Stop slathering troubles

you’ve made with this crap pile; stop being so hostile

quit wallowing in this manure of your making

and swallow this brown pie that you’ve been baking.

Enough with this hideous idiocy!

Grab a shovel and clean up.

Be part of the team.

Put a cork in the hole.

Don’t try grabbing control.

Accept your strong role:

Help us all meet our goal!



(We all know someone like this, don’t we?  Or several someones?) 😉


22 Responses to “poem- shovelling”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    More like this, please !

    • Some days those are the kind of poems waiting to be penned, and some days they’re not…

      Glad you enjoyed it, though! 🙂 It was fun to write. (It’s fun to declaim, too).

  2. Henry Game Says:

    That was a load of crap!!
    Ha! Do you get it?
    Well its because of all of the references to-
    Oh wait, you were being sarcastic?
    Of course you were-
    You think I should just shut up now?
    Yep. Sorry.

  3. colonialist Says:

    I dig this! Tailor-made for our local politicians! You have them sewn up completely.

  4. Hahahahahaha… You’re spot on with that one.. Yep!! We all know that one guy/girl!!
    Once again a beauty in its own right!!! Talented you!! ❤️

  5. jburns58 Says:

    That was great Shawn! It has some humor in it too.

  6. georgiakevin Says:

    This was a kick to read, you are an amazing and versatile poet!

  7. Break out the boots!

  8. Nancy Says:

    Love the ASSonance, Shawn! (Get it???) Pretty sure I am not the source of your inspiration here.

    • NANCY! I am SHOCKED! I’m pretty sure you’re not the source of this, either, though behind that placid smile, who knows what evil thoughts are lurking! 😉


  9. How tall? We do need to know how much we have to go through!

  10. Des Says:

    Oh thank you for this brilliant piece!
    Ps OUR Nancy?

    • YES! lol
      You’re welcome.

      PS. I couldn’t read the Cause A Scene comment so I just deleted it. WordPress doesn’t like whatever you inserted (2 rectangles), I guess.

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