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poem- wishes July 6, 2014

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She likes a bad boy.

She likes the attitude,

the tats,

the danger,

the rebellion,

the dissatisfaction.

She likes that he’ll cheat

on his wife with her,

plan their future,

dream with her.

That woman doesn’t

deserve him, she says,

while she wishes.

That woman doesn’t

understand him, she says,

while she wishes.

He embraces her,


When he leaves her




she’s surprised,

by all he’d revealed

to her before,

and she thinks it’s

his fault,

she’d wished.





Another sad example of, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”


23 Responses to “poem- wishes”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    Very good bit of writing to describe an oft repeated situation.

    • I know, eh?

      It’s so hard to watch someone do this repeatedly. If you try to introduce a nice guy, he’s ‘boring’ or ‘not my type.’ You want to scream, “Your type is an insensitive ass! Perhaps try something better than your type!” lol But you can’t. Or you can, but then they won’t talk to you again. So what can you do except write a poem about it? 😉

  2. Embracing a Wounded Soul Says:

    Love the poem dislike the type 🙂 You have described it so well. I’ve known a few. But they took bad off my hands…for that I give thanks 🙂

  3. Dawnasong Says:

    Oh superbly stated! I love this!

  4. davidprosser Says:

    Why is it so difficult to understand that if he’ll cheat on his wife with you, it’s likely he’ll cheat on you with someone else?
    xxx Massive Hugs my little Harpist. xxx

    • I know, right? Common sense would shout that, wouldn’t it? It takes a certain kind of blind optimism.

      • On the other hand, my grand-father was apparently a tri-gomist. He left one wife with 3 kids in Hoy Lake West Kirby, UK, emigrated, left another wife (my grandmother) with 2 kids in Montreal, emigrated, but stayed with wife 3 (20 years his junior!) for 40 years in California. That’s presuming Nellie, Ellen, and Eleanor were all the same woman. It’s possible he was a quintigamist! (The fascinating stuff you discover in censuses and parish records, eh?) 🙂

        My point being that while he cheated on two wives, the third was the charm. Or perhaps charming? At least he didn’t actually leave that one. Who knows what he was doing on the side.

        It just occurred to me that I’d never done a search on Nellie, and sure enough she shows up in a 1946 town newspaper, described as a *druid.* Perhaps that explains him sticking around. I wouldn’t mess with druid curses… lol My dad is going to love this tidbit.

  5. C.J. Black Says:

    Quintigamist – you learn something new every day.

  6. macjam47 Says:

    Great poem. Sadly this happens too often.

  7. syl65 Says:

    I have seen this often as well. Wishing for someone nice and when that person comes along, wishing for someone a little better. Wasted wishing.

  8. stcydbny Says:

    This is good! I like this a lot.

  9. Ginz Says:

    You know I’ve never really understood why a woman goes with a man who’s cheating on his wife no more so than my four kids and I are the product of a man who cheated on his (his being me)! It’s kind of beyond me that another woman would want to inflict that pain on another woman and more so the children but this poem has thrown a completely new light on it because it get the idea of liking the danger and the rebellion – not that I like that kind of danger and rebellion but I get that pushing the boundaries etc for some is what they think they need and that kind of adds a whole new perspective. Maybe in time it will bring forgiveness to “her” who took “him” Thanks 🙂

    • You’re welcome. For some (like in this poem) I think it’s about wishful thinking. The woman feels ‘special’ because he chooses her over the wife (for a time). Perhaps even a bit of a game- can she make a man come to her? That’s probably a rush of power. I think the male is the weaker of the species in many ways, because the urge to copulate can make them easy to manipulate, if an object of desire/interest has the right skills and attitudes.

      My condolences on your negative experience. Best wishes finding the place of peace that allows you to be free of pain and bitterness.

      • Ginz Says:

        Yep I do think there’s a lot of biological urges involved but in my case it’s funny how such a negative experience has been our making. There’s never been any bitterness. These things always happen for a reason – it’s a matter of making the most of what’s you’ve got in life and running with it. But it’s always nice to understand what drives people to behave the way they do. 🙂

      • And some things we will never understand.

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